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Human Capital

Maximising results from the most valuable resource of the organisation through alignment of workplace behaviour, clarification of expectations through clear policies and procedures, human resource development and effective human resource management infrastructure are vital aspects of Sagacity Consulting’s work. We are able to assist clients with:

Alignment of workplace behaviour

  • Complex investigations and reporting
  • Dispute resolution
  • Grievance handling and resolution
  • Behavioural and conduct assessments
  • Underperformance assessment and strategy
  • Organisational structure reviews, design and diagnosis
  • Employee engagement
  • Team building.

HR policies, systems and procedures

  • Development of HR policies, manuals, guidelines and procedures
  • Identification of HR data requirements
  • HR systems
  • Professional competency schemes
  • Performance management systems
  • Workforce planning, role design, accountability mapping and job analysis
  • Occupational health and safety, code of conduct, discrimination and harassment frameworks
  • Industrial relations and legislative requirements
  • Functional devolution and outsourcing.

Leadership development and coaching

  • Independent participation in executive selection
  • Executive talent management and coaching
  • Skills and capabilities determination and development
  • Capability and leadership development
  • Training.

HR service development

  • Review of HR functions, structures and systems
  • Aligning HR services to agency needs
  • Strategic HR planning and implementation
  • Performance and accountability management
  • Transitional HR management (providing short term replacements at critical periods)
  • Change management.
Relevant projects we have undertaken include:
  • Identifying the key trends and issues which would affect the workforce and the delivery of spatial information services within a State agency responsible for natural resources.  This was to be in the context of the evolving area of spatial information and the impacts on the fields of cartography, surveying and geographical information systems (GIS).  Our consultant advised in detail on the consequential workforce type, size and structure to meet the needs of the agency over the next 5-10 years.  Recommendations were also made on the appropriate professional and technical classification streams for the workforce.  Our consultant also provided an implementation strategy to achieve appropriate translation arrangements for staff moving into the proposed structure and new classification streams.
  • Providing mentoring and training sessions in a leadership development program targeting talent in a high technology solutions company.  Three of our consultants worked with small groups within program sessions and then on real projects to embed the learning.
  • Undertaking an investigation into the performance of the Director of an agricultural college.  Our consultant interviewed the Board members of the college and senior staff and stakeholders before providing a confidential report to the Director-General of the host department
  • Mentoring a HR Manager in a State health authority through a highly sensitive and volatile dispute between specialist practitioners in a regional hospital.
  • Reviewing the Human Resource Policy and Workforce Planning Section of a State police service.  Our consultants assessed roles, resources and structure in the Section.  Recommendations covered the level at which services were pitched, the human resource policy manual, workforce data collection, analysis and research, workforce planning and forecasting and a strategically focused organisation development and review function.
  • Managing the training component of a major information management system re-development for a large, metropolitan local authority.